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**This item is sold as body only. Batteries, chargers, and extension tubes are sold separate**


Zmax Mini is a Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage Device Zmax Mini can be adjusted from 3.0 – 6.0V volts in 0.1 volt increments

Zmax Mini can adjust power from 3.0 – 15 watts in 0.1 watt increments Built-in three digit display allows you to visually adjust your voltage, LED blue display

Zmax Mini can use one IMR 18350 Battery with existing battery cap

Zmax Mini can use a IMR 18500(18490) with extension battery tube. Can use a IMR 18650 with (2) extension battery tubes

Zmax Mini has battery reverse connect protection

Zmax Mini PCB allows 5 Amperage output limit

Zmax Mini button never gets stuck there’s a 360° turn around

Zmax Mini comes with a 6 month manufactory warranty


1. Uu- Voltage up

2. Ud- Voltage down

3. So- Standby / on/off

4. Uc- Battery voltage check

5. Ds- Display change / Resistance Ω/Voltage output/Voltage under load ‘live’

6. Lo- LED on/off

7. Up- Voltage power (Wattage setting)

(8.) New option allows you to have the option for a closer output Po- Constant power operation Uo- Constant voltage operation

Error codes :

LOR—Lower resistance indication; If the resistance is below 1.2ohm,the display will show “Low Load”.

LOU—Lower voltage indication. If one 18650 battery voltage is below 3.4V or 2 18350 batteries Superposition voltage is below 6.4v,the display will show “Low Voltage”.

WSC—Short circuit indication. If cartomizer/atomizer output port short-circuit, the display will show “Warning Short Circuit”.

Low Battery Indicator — When the battery gets low the red lighted pushbutton will slowly flash indicating that your battery is low.

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