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Russian 91% by Kebo

$ 64.95


Product Details

The Russian 91% is a rebuildable tank atomizer.

The Advanced rebuildable Russian 91% produces a very flavorful vapor due to its design.

The 91% is very similar to the Kayfun Lite & is interchangeable with Kayfun Lite parts. Please note this is made by Kebo and is not made Svomesto.

The 91% features a 510 threading and is compatible with most devices that use the popular 510 connection.

The Russian 91 is a advanced user device. It does not come assembled. You will have to fully assemble it and also be able to build your own wick & coil assemblies for use in it.
If you are not familiar with advanced rebuildables, or building your own coil assemblies we do suggest doing some research. As this is an advanced rebuildable device we can NOT provide any support.

The Russian 91% rebuildable e-cig atomizer comes with the following :
1 x russian 91% atomizer with airflow control
1 x 510 style drip tip adaptor. ” Not all driptips will fit perfectly ”
1 x Metal Tank ” Used to replace the plastic tank section ”
1 x Needle Bottle
1 x Package of Silica Wick
1 x Package of NiChrome Wire
1 x Package of replacement screws, orings, and multipurpose mini screwdriver.
1 x Gift box & Instruction manual.

Please note this is an advanced user device that requires you to be able to build your own wick and coil assemblies. If you are not comfortable or knowledgeable in doing so we do not recommend you purchase this device.
Improper coil builds can damage your device, batteries, or atomizers. Can also result in personal injury if not used or assembled correctly.

Any damage to person, device or atomizer is not warrantied.


Please note this is a advanced user rebuildable atomizer, no RBA should be used with anything other than IMR batteries and is intended for those with some experience in using rebuildables or who have done a lot of research before trying.


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