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Monster v2

$ 149.95


Product Details

Here they are folks. These are one of the most sought after custom KayFuns on the market. These are custom modded Kayfuns that vape like a dripper. You can throw your drippers out as this will be your go to rig. These are incredible. Do your research and read the reviews. These are truly amazing and have really set the vape world on its head in terms of the possibilities of a tankomizer. These are his newest creation which are referred to as Monster V2s. These have the deepest juice wells yet and almost zero draw. These are all the V2 version or sometimes referred to as the Kayfun Lite Plus Edition. They are not making the 3.1 edition for a while as they had custom pins made for the Lite edition only for now.

Description from 528 Custom Vapes:

• All new custom center pin manufactured by 528

• Air holes on Kayfuns are drilled out and modified to offer more air flow than a stock setup.

• The juice well is deepened 200% to allow adequate wicking


• Modified Kayfun Base/Deck

• Custom 528 Logo Wide Bore Drip Tip

• Custom 528 Logo Chimney

• Polished Bell Cap

• S/S and PC Tank

• Extra O-Rings and Screws etc

• Gift Box

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