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Hohm Tech 18650 battery (2-pack)

Hohm Tech 18650 battery (2-pack)

$ 25.00

Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 INR 3015mAh 31.5A Flat Top Battery

Marketed as the “go all day” powerplant, the Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3015 mAh 31.5A Battery is the ace-pitcher in the serious vape enthusiast’s lineup. Featuring gobs of power, superior construction materials and craftsmanship, and renowned performance consistency and reliability, the Hohm Life 18650 3015 sets the gold standard for vaping batteries.

The biggest standout feature of the Home Tech Hohm Life is its proven ability to charge at 4.4 amperes. Though seemingly something out of a science fiction movie, this incredible rating is no typo, nor is it a trolling attempt. Hohm Life’s 4.4A charging capacity has been tested, proven, and certified by external agencies, immediately making this battery one of the astounding innovations in the vaping industry!

Another incredible attribute of the Hohm Life 18650 3015 mAh 31.5A Battery is its chemical composition. Levering a distinctive Lithium-Manganese (Li-Mn) compound, the Hohm Life essentially has multiple series of “lungs” that drive your vaporizer to performance standards that would leave other batteries in the dust. As demonstrated in lab tests, the Li-Mn bonding process generates 75% more capacity than the Hohm Life’s standard counterparts.

In addition, this latest component from Hohm Tech utilizes what the company calls “Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient (EPTC).” In layman’s terms, the 18650 3015 is able to deliver rip-roaring electrical energy while maintaining a critical safety threshold. Thus, you have greater confidence in blowing massive plumes at ridiculous sub-ohm resistance levels without fear of exceeding your battery’s internal capacity.

While the Hohm Life thrives on its proven technical specifications, what it really boils down to is this: vape enthusiasts now have the true capability of enjoying their digital art all day long without requiring cumbersome recharges.

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