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Double Barrel Cartomizer Adapter

$ 5.95


Product Details

This is a cool adapter that uses 2 cartomizers simultaneously on one battery. The base comes with a 510 connector to attach to the battery and 2 female connectors to attach two (2) 510 cartomizers. The drip tip is designed to slide over top of both cartomizers simultaneously. Two cartomizers means twice the vapor! Please remember the voltage that is needed to power your device. This device is recommended with single coil cartomizers and the total resistance must be figured. If your device is 3.7 volts and you vape well with a 1.5 ohm dual coil cartomizer, then 2- 3.2 ohm single coil cartomizers will work as the total resistance would be 1.6 ohms. In order to figure your ohms using 2 cartomizers, simply divide the resistance of the cartomizer you are using by 2. So if you are using two (2) 4 ohm single coil cartomizers your total resistance is 2 ohms. A dual coil cartomizer works like this as well. So if you know what resistance dual coil cartomizer works well for you at a particular voltage, multiply that resistance by 2 and then get that resistance single coil cartomizer.

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